Series Introduction

Suomen tulevaisuus (The Future of Finland) is the most extensive science series ever done in Finland. It looks at Finland’s future prospects specifically from the perspective of science and the economy. What kind of know-how, products and structures does Finland’s next rise depend upon? What is the role of science and basic research in building the future?

The series’ host, Howy Jacobs, finds out how Finland’s most important natural resources, intelligence, forests and water, can be utilized for the benefit of not just Finns, but the entire world. The first season of the series is broadcasted on the MTV3 channel in the spring of 2016.


See how Finland saves the world!

Pilot episode in English

In this program professor Howy Jacobs meets fellow scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to chart  how Finland can secure its future by using the same mix of ingredients as has powered today’s prosperity.

The Future of Finland -trailer

“Finland has three natural resources: water, intelligent and forests”